Surfing Safety Hand Rope Boat Safety Paddle Stand Up Paddle Surfing Leash Safety TPU Hand Rope For Surfboard Surfing Accessories

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Product description


Material: TPU
Size: bracelet: 32CM*4.5CM_ thickness 6MM
Spring rope diameter: 5MM
Length: Normal 55.5CM
Stretching a total length of 1.6 meters (including nylon rope and bracelet)
Weight: 0.06kg


1: Soft hand guard, _ can quickly retrieve the pulp board when it falls into the water.
2: Commonly used for bodyboard surfboard or paddle safety rope.
3: TPU spring rope High-quality TPU spring rope, fast rebound, high strength, strong and durable.
4: Tough HOOk&LOOP widens the HOOk&LOOP, which can be adjusted freely, adheres firmly, and is equipped with a quick pull ring, which can be easily pulled apart and used more conveniently.
5: Safety rope knot There are safety rope knots at both ends of the spring rope, which are firmer and safer.

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