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Size: 200x200cm cover set

200x200cm cover set
220x240cm cover set
180x220cm cover set
210x210cm cover set
228x228cm cover set
230x260cm cover set
200x230cm cover set
150x200cm cover set
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title: PugDuvet Cover Set printing 2/3pcs bed set Queen size bedding sets bed linen Bedclothes


Single Size:

Duvet Cover/pc:150x200cm(59''x79'' )

Pillow Case/pc:50x70cm(20''x27'' )


UK Double Size:

Duvet Cover/pc:200x200cm(79''x79'' )

Pillow Case/2pcs:50x70cm(20''x27'' )


the double size.

Duvet Cover/pc:180x220cm(71''x86'' )

Pillow Case/2pcs:50x70cm(20''x27'' )


queen size.

Duvet Cover/pc:210x210cm(82''x82'' )

Pillow Case/2pcs:50x70cm(20''x27'' )


US Queen Size:

Duvet Cover/pcs:228x228cm(90''x90'' )

Pillow Case/2pcs:50x70cm(20''x27'' )


US King Size:

Duvet Cover/pcs:230x260cm(90''x102'' )

Pillow Case/2pcs:51x91cm(20''x36'' )


US Full Size:

Duvet Cover/pc:200x230cm(79''x90'' )

Pillow Case/2pcs:50x70cm(20''x27'' )


AU King Size:

Duvet Cover/pc:220x240cm(86''x94'' )

Pillow Case/2pcs:50x70cm(20''x27'' )

(This bedding set is not contain comforter)




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