Ocean Collection Blue Turtle Seahorse Narwhal Beaded Dolphin Charm Bracelets For Boys Girl Original Kids Child Bracelet


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Metal Color: silver color (Pink)

Length: 19cm

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Size: 16cm 17cm 18cm 19cm 20cm 21cm

Features & Specifications
Jewelry style: Fashion Charm Bracelet
Weight: About 50g
Metals Type: Zinc alloy+Rhinestone+Enamel
Environmental Standard: Lead free, Nickel free, Cadmium free
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Wrist size measurement method
1.Wrap the paper arround the wrist to be sized. 2.Mark the paper where it completes the circle. 3.Measure from the beginning to the mark with a ruler .

How to collcation an Unique bracelet ?

1.Choose a basic chain

2.Choose Clip.

3. Choose the beloved charms.

4. Choose a Safety Chain for your beloved and unique Bracelet.

Open method
1. Use your fingernails to align with the ditch and gently apply pressure to open the buckle. 2. Remove the other end of the chain from the buckle. 3. Hold the chain with one hand and the beads on the bracelet with the other hand. 4. Put the chain head into the buckle and close the buckle.

Jewelry care instructions
1.Avoid sweat。2.Avoid bath。3.Take off when sleeping。4.Avoid crash。5.Avoid chemicals。6.Avoid humidity。7.Clean with soft cloth。8.Well save

Advice: All jewelries will fade as time pass, good maintenance can help to keep longer.
Brand Story

Buipoey Jewellery Store located in YiWu ,China. This is online Jewellery brand which focus on making unique jewelries,with professional trendy designer team and experienced Production experience , we are keep on making new fashion style jewelry and especially professional in DIY Charm Bracelets& Rings & Earrings &Keychain jewelry.
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